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When searching for websites you need to take time to evaluate the source to decide if you believe it to be credible. The concepts below can help you make a decision on credibility. 


  • Who is the author/producer of the information?
  • What expertise do they have on the topic?

Find out by looking for:

  • more information on the homepage of the website or introduction to the magazine/journal
    • Look for an About or Contact page
  • a copyright symbol, ©
    • Look near the bottom of the page, see who claims the copyright to the source
  • information about the author or organization in other resources
    • Often a Google search of the author or organization can give you lots of information.


  • If the author did not discover or create the information provided, are trustworthy sources cited?
  • Are there obvious grammar or typing errors? Do the links work?

Find out by looking for errors and citations in the source.


  • Is the source sponsored or created by an organization that has a particular agenda?
  • Is the purpose of the source to sell, educate, or persuade?
  • Does the author present the information as fact, opinion, or conjecture?
  • Is more than one viewpoint expressed?

Find out by looking at the tone and content of the source, including the About page.


  • Has the source been updated recently?
  • When was the information in the source created?

Find out by looking for dates.


  • Does the source provide information that you need?

Think about how it could support your assignment compared to other sources that you have already found.

For more information on evaluating websites, check out our Library Information Guide.


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