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Information about how to create in-text citations can be found on the library's website in the Help section under Citing Sources.

For information on MLA citations including in-text citations take a look at:
Citing sources MLA style with example citations (following the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 7th ed., 2009)

On page three of this handout is the following regarding in-text citations:

"Provide in-text citations for quotations, paraphrases, statistics, or summaries from all sources. Provide the author’s last name, and use page numbers. If no page numbers are available, omit them. If the author is named, only a page number (if available) is needed. Example: to computer expert John Smithson, “People will create Millennium Mania” (23). If the author is not given, provide the name and page number Ex: computer expert claims “people will create Millennium Mania” (Smithson 23)."

For information about MLA's 8th edition and in-text citations you can check out the following link on the Purdue Owl website:

For information on APA citations take a look at:
Citing sources APA style with example citations (Following the APA Publication Manual 6th ed., 2010)

On page three of the APA citation handout I found the following information regarding in-text citations for APA:

"APA requires in-text citations (author’s last name, year, and page) for quotations, paraphrasing, and references to specific passages (page numbers not required for general references)."

For further explanation and examples for APA in-text citations take a look a this link on the Purdue Owl website:

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